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Miami Heat Fun Fact & Trivia Infographic!

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Five Fun Facts About Felix Hernandez Of The Mariners

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Felix Hernandez has proven over the years that the attention he received as a young up and coming ballplayer was well deserved. He makes excelling amidst tough circumstances seem almost easy. Here are five fun facts about on of baseball’s greatest pitchers.

What’s In A Number?

During his 12 game stint in the majors with Seattle in 2005, his first year in the big leagues, Felix Hernandez wore jersey number 59. The next year would see him switch to the more familiar number 34 that he has worn every year since.

As A Hitter?

The first hit Felix Hernandez had in Major League Baseball came in a June 2007 matchup against the Padres. In the top of the third, Fernandez got an RBI bunt single off of Chris Young that scored catcher Jamie Burke.

Venezuela’s Own!

Felix Hernandez was the fourth player born in Venezuela to ever go on to strike out over 1,500 batters in Major League Baseball. The first three before him were Johan Santana, Freddy Garcia, and Carlos Zambrano.

Just Missed It

Felix Hernandez went 19-5 with a 2.49 ERA in 2009 and finished in second place in the voting for the American League Cy Young Award. Finishing ahead of him and winning the award that year was Zack Greinke of the Royals. Hernandez would win the award himself the very next season.

The First To Hit Five

The first player Felix Hernandez would give up five or more home runs to during his career was Mark Teixeira.

Seattle Mariners Fun Fact Infographic!

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Fun Facts About The 2014 NFL Draft – Part 3

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Fun Facts About Picks #23 – #32 In The 2014 NFL Draft

Here is Part 3, the final installment of fun facts about each of the first round selections in the 2014 NFL Draft.  If you haven’t read the first two parts yet, you can find them here:

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#23 – Dee Ford

-With the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs selected defensive end Dee Ford out of Auburn. Ford was the MVP of the 2014 Senior Bowl, the All-Star game played following the regular season.

#24 – Darqueze Dennard

-Michigan State’s Darqueze Dennard, a cornerback, was made the 24th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft when he was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals had used the 24th pick in the draft twice before, first on two time Heisman Trophy winning running back Archie Griffin in 1976 and then in 2006 on defensive back Johnathan Joseph.

#25 – Jason Verrett

-With the 25th pick in the draft in 2014, the San Diego Chargers picked cornerback Jason Verrett out of TCU. Verrett was not offered a scholarship coming out of high school, but four years later he was named an All-American by Sports Illustrated.

#26 – Marcus Smith

-Linebacker Marcus Smith out of Louisville was the 26th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles did not start out with the 26th pick. They received it from the Browns as part of the package when Cleveland traded up to take quarterback Johnny Manziel.

#27 – Deone Bucannon

-With the 27th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals selected Deone Bucannon, a safety out of Washington State University. Though a linebacker in college, Bucannon played quarterback in high school in Georgia.

#28 – Kelvin Benjamin

-Kelvin Benjamin, a wide receiver from Florida State, was the 28th pick in the draft in 2014 and was selected by the Carolina Panthers. His 15 touchdown receptions in 2013 were the most of any player in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

#29 – Dominique Easley

-The New England Patriots made Florida defensive tackle Dominique Easley the 29th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Easley attended Curtis High School in Staten Island, New York. Other notable people to have attended the same high school as him include author Amy Vanderbilt, Soccer Hall of Fame member Jack Hynes, 1912 Olympic silver medalist Abel Kiviat, and baseball player Bobby Thomson who was made famous for “The Shot Heard ‘Round The World”.

#30 – Jimmie Ward

-Jimmie Ward, a safety out of Northern Illinois, was the 30th player taken in the draft in 2014 when he was chosen by the San Francisco 49ers. He was the second highest selection ever out of Northern Illinois University. Five years earlier in 2009, linebacker Larry English had been selected by the San Diego Chargers.

#31 – Bradley Roby

-The 31st pick in the 2014 NFL Draft was used by the Denver Broncos to select Bradley Roby, a cornerback out of Ohio State University. The final interception of Bradley Roby’s college career came off of quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase of the University of Illinois on November 16, 2013. It happened in the first quarter and he returned the ball 63 yards for a touchdown.

#32 – Teddy Bridgewater

-Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was the 32nd and final pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He was picked by the Minnesota Vikings. The most TD passes Bridgewater threw in one game in college was five. He did this twice, first as asophomore in a win over Temple and then as a junior in a win over Ohio.

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Fun Kevin Durant Memes & GIFs

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What else can Kevin Durant not bear to look at?







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Michael Jordan Fun Fact Infographic!

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Fun Facts About The 2014 NFL Draft – Part 2

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We previously looked at the first 12 players selected in the 2014 NFL Draft from a fun fact angle.  Now, we’ll continue on with the next 10.  Are you seeing a pattern?  Yes, Part 3 will follow with a look at the final 10 players picked in the first round.

Fun Facts About Selections #13 – #22 In The 2014 NFL Draft

#13 – Aaron Donald

-The St. Louis Rams chose defensive tackle Aaron Donald with the 13th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. This was the team’s second pick after having taken Greg Robinson second overall. Even though this selection came in the first half of the first round, it was the team’s last pick in that year’s draft.

#14 – Kyle Fuller

-The Chicago Bears chose cornerback Kyle Fuller out of Virginia Tech with the 14th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He attended Mount Saint Joseph High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Other notable sports names that went to the same high school include NFL head coach Jim Schwartz, Major League Baseball player Mark Teixeira, and Gold Medal winning Olympic swimmer Tommy Hannan.

#15 – Ryan Shazier

-The Pittsburgh Steelers used the 15th pick in 2014 NFL Draft on Ryan Shazier, a linebacker out of Ohio State. The Steelers had used the 15th overall pick on a linebacker twice before in their history, first on Huey Richardson in 1991 and then again on Lawrence Timmons in 2007.

#16 – Zack Martin

-The Dallas Cowboys owned the 16th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and used it on offensive tackle Zack Martin out of Notre Dame. When the Fighting Irish defeated Rutgers in the 2013 Pinstripe Bowl, Martin was named the MVP.

#17 – C.J. Mosley

-The Baltimore Ravens chose the 17th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and used it to select linebacker C.J. Mosley out of Alabama. This was the highest the team had drafted a linebacker since 2003 when they picked Terrell Suggs 10th overall.

#18 – Calvin Pryor

-Calvin Pryor, a safety out of Louisville, was picked 18th overall in the 2014 NFL Draft by the New York Jets. This was the fifth highest a Louisville player had ever been taken. The four higher selections were Lenny Lyles with the 11th pick in 1958, Ken Kortas with the 9th pick in 1964, Joe Johnson with the 13th pick in 1994, and Amobi Okoye with the 10th pick in 2007.

#19 – Ja’Wuan James

-The Miami Dolphins chose offensive tackle Ja’Wuan James out of Tennessee with the 19th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. James left college having started more consecutive games, a total of 49, than any offensive lineman in Tennessee Volunteers history.

#20 – Brandin Cooks

-The New Orleans Saints used the 20th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on wide receiver Brandin Cooks out of Oregon State. The Saints had only used the 20th overall pick in the draft once before. In 1993 they used it on tight end Irv Smith out of Notre Dame.

#21 – Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

-With the 21st pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers chose safety Ha’Sean (Ha Ha) Clinton-Dix out of the University of Alabama. This was the third time the team had selected a linebacker from Alabama in their long history. They had previously chosen Rich Wingo in 1979 and Thomas Boyd in 1982.

#22 – Johnny Manziel

-The Cleveland Browns used the 22nd overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. This made Manziel the second highest drafted Aggies quarterback ever after Ryan Tannehill who was picked with the eighth overall pick in 2012. He was also just the eighth Texas A&M quarterback ever picked in the NFL Draft. The other six were Charlie Milstead in 1960, Ed Hargett in 1969, Gary Kubiak in 1983, Bucky Richardson in 1992, Reggie McNeal in 2006, and Stephen McGee in 2009.

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Fun Facts About The 2014 NFL Draft

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The 2014 NFL Draft, like all NFL Drafts, was a lot of fun and will have a big impact on the league. Here is a look at some fun facts about this yearly tradition that brought in a fine selection of good young players.

-The official name of the NFL Draft is the NFL Players Selection Meeting.

-Two teams tied for the most selections in the 2014 NFL Draft with both the Jets and the 49ers having 12 picks.

-The offensive position with the most players taken in the 2014 NFL Draft was wide receiver at 34. The most selected defensive position was linebackers, also with 34 player picked at that position.

-The team that had the fewest picks in the 2014 NFL Draft was the Colts with five selections.

-Every position in football had multiple players selected in the 2014 NFL Draft except punter. The lone punter selected this year was Pat O’Donnell, picked in the 6th round by the Bears out of the University of Cincinnati.

Fun Facts About The First Dozen Selections In The 2014 NFL Draft:

#1 – Jadeveon Clowney

-The Houston Texans had the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft and used it on defensive end Jadeveon Clowney out of South Carolina. The only other time a South Carolina Gamecocks player had been selected with the top pick was in 1981 when the New Orleans Saints selected running back George Rogers.

#2 – Greg Robinson

-With the second overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the St. Louis Rams selected offensive tackle Greg Robinson out of Auburn. This was the second time in five years that St. Louis had used the second overall pick on an offensive lineman, having drafted offensive tackle Jason Smith out of Baylor with the pick in 2009.

#3 – Blake Bortles

-The Jacksonville Jaguars used the third overall pick in 2014 on quarterback Blake Bortles out of the University of Central Florida. He was the second player ever taken in the NFL Draft out of Central Florida. The first was quarterback Daunte Culpepper by the Vikings with the 11th pick in 1999.

#4 – Sammy Watkins

-The fourth pick in the 2014 NFL Draft saw the Buffalo Bills select wide receiver Sammy Watkins out of Clemson. This tied for the highest Buffalo had ever drafted a wide receiver, having taken J.D. Hill out of Arizona State with the fourth pick in 1971.

#5 – Khalil Mack

-The Oakland Raiders used the fifth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on linebacker Khalil Mack out of the University of Buffalo. This was the first time a Buffalo Bulls player had ever been taken in the first round.

#6 – Jake Matthews

-The Atlanta Falcons used the sixth overall pick in 2014 on offensive tackle Jake Matthews out of Texas A&M. Matthews had been a high school teammate at Elkins High School in Missouri City, Texas of cornerback D.J. Hayden who was selected in the first round the year before in 2013 by the Raiders.

#7 – Mike Evans

-Jake Matthews’ teammate, wide receiver Mike Evans, was taken one pick later with the seventh overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The last time the Bucs had used a first round pick on a wide receiver was in 2004 when they selected Michael Clayton with the 15th pick out of LSU.

#8 – Justin Gilbert

-Cornerback Justin Gilbert out of Oklahoma State was the eighth overall pick in 2014 by the Cleveland Browns. He was the defensive MVP for the Oklahoma State Cowboys in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl.

#9 – Anthony Barr

-Anthony Barr was selected ninth overall in the 2014 NFL Draft out of UCLA by the Minnesota Vikings. Anthony Barr’s father, Tony Brooks, and two uncles, Reggie Brooks and Cedric Figaro also played in the NFL.

#10 – Eric Ebron

-The Detroit Lions used the 10th pick in the NFL Draft in 2014 on tight end Eric Ebron out of North Carolina. He was the first tight end selected that year and also the second Tar Heels tight end ever taken in the first round. The first had been Ethan Horton by the Chiefs in 1985.

#11 – Taylor Lewan

-The Tennessee Titans used the 11th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on offensive tackle Taylor Lewan out of Michigan. Lewan didn’t start playing on the offensive line until his senior year of high school, having played defensive end up until then.

#12 – Odell Beckham

-The New York Giants chose wide receiver Odell Beckham out of LSU with the 12th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Beckham would go on to see eight of his teammates selected before the draft ended. This gave LSU nine selections in 2014 (Beckham, Ego Ferguson, Jeremy Hill, Jarvis Landry, Trai Turner, Lamin Barrow, Zach Mettenberger, Alfred Blue, and James Wright) which was more than any other college.

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Five Fun Facts About The Pittsburgh Pirates

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of baseball’s oldest franchises. They have had their ups and owns over the years, but loyal fans of the team know they will be there year in and year out to catch all the action on the field. Here is a look at five fun facts about this legendary baseball team.

Willie Stargell on the Road!

The visiting field Willie Stargell hit more of his career home runs in than any other during his career was Wrigley Field in Chicago where he hit a total of 32 home runs.

Base Stealers

The first three Pittsburgh Pirates to steal 400 or more bases for the team were Honus Wagner, Max Carey, and Omar Moreno.

166 & 9

Slugger Dave Parker hit 166 of his 339 career home runs while playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He also hit nine career home runs in games against the Pirates.

An All-Star Game Triple

The first Pittsburgh Pirates player to hit a triple in an All-Star Game was Vince DiMaggio in 1943.

Who’s On First?

From 2009 to 2014, a span of six years, the Pittsburgh Pirates had six different opening day first basemen: Adam LaRoche, Jeff Clement, Lyle Overbay, Garrett Jones, Gaby Sanchez, and Travis Ishikawa.

New Orleans Saints Fun Fact Infographic!

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