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Sports Fun Facts… AND ANIMATED GIFs!

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Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens Fun Fact Infographic!

Filed under: Sports Graphics — by Mark on September 29, 2014


Dallas Cowboys Defense Fun Fact Infographic

Filed under: Sports Graphics — by Mark on September 26, 2014


Chicago Bears Franchise Firsts – Infographic!

Filed under: Sports Graphics — by Mark on September 25, 2014


Buffalo Bills Quarterback Fun Facts Infographic!

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Adrian Peterson First Ten NFL Touches – Infographic!

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Atlanta Falcons Running Backs Fun Fact Infographic!

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Houston Texans vs New York Giants Boxscore Shows Punter as Leading Passer

Filed under: Fun Stuff — by Mark on September 21, 2014

Briefly today, Shane Lechler, the punter for the Houston Texans, was listed on ESPN as the leading passer for the team. This happened because at the time his 10 yard fake punt pass gave him more yards than the seven yards “piled up” by the quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. It didn’t stay this way for long, but for a short time… it made for a pretty entertaining graphic.


5 Fun Facts About Adrian Peterson of the Vikings

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on September 14, 2014

Adrian Peterson is known as one of the best running backs in football. He earned this reputation too, successfully moving the ball in open spaces and through traffic while the talent level around him has sometimes been very good and sometimes… well, not so much. Here is a look at five fun facts about this great running back.

The First Time

The first time Adrian Peterson touched the ball in the NFL was not on a rushing attempt or a pass reception. It happened against Atlanta in Week One of the 2007 season when he returned the opening kickoff 22 yards.

Long Distance Caller

As a rookie in 2007, Adrian Peterson scored 13 touchdowns. Four of those were from 60 yards or more away.

A New Record!

In a win over the Bears in 2007, Adrian Peterson ran the ball 20 times for 224 yards. This set a new single game rushing record for the Vikings, breaking the old record of 200 yards that Chuck Foreman ran for in a 1976 win over the Eagles.

3 TDs… 3 QBs

The first three TD receptions caught by Adrian Peterson in the NFL were thrown to him by three different quarterbacks: Tarvaris Jackson, Brett Favre, and Christian Pronger.


#5 – The worst game of Adrian Peterson’s career came in a Vikings win over the 49ers in 2007 when he carried the ball 14 times for three yards and no scores.

5 Fun Facts About Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on September 13, 2014

Ray Rice broke into the NFL as a rookie out of Rutgers University in 2008. He made an immediate impression and in very short time made his move up the ranks and by the second season was named the starting running back for the Baltimore Ravens. He and quarterback Joe Flacco became the face of the Ravens’ offense, eventually leading the team to a victory over the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII following the 2012 season.

Here are five fun facts about Ray Rice.

No Wonder They Drafted Him

Ray Rice was timed with a 4.37 second 40 yard dash, had a 39.5 inch vertical leap, and turned in a 10 foot and one inch broad jump at the 2008 NFL Scouting Combine held prior to the NFL Draft.

What’s in a Number?

Prior to wearing #27, which he has worn throughout his NFL career, Ray Rice wore jersey #39 during preseason of his rookie year. When cornerback Ronnie Prude was cut it freed up number 27 which Rice had worn in college.

Per Carry? Are You Serious?!?

In a 2009 win over Detroit, Ray Rice carried the ball 13 times for 166 yards which gave him a per carry average of 12.77 yards.

First Touchdowns!

Ray Rice’s first NFL touchdown came on a nine yard run in a win over the Browns in 2009. His first playoff touchdown came on an 83 yard run in a win over the Patriots following the 2009 season.


In a loss to the Bengals on December 29, 2013 in the last game of the 2013 regular season, Ray Rice scored the very first two point conversion of his NFL career.

The Most Passing Yards By A Rookie In Week One Over The Last Decade

Filed under: Sports Graphics — by Mark on September 11, 2014

Most Passing Yards Opening Day Last Decade

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