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Sports Fun Facts… AND ANIMATED GIFs!

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Calvin Johnson Fun Fact – Infographic

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Sports Stars Who Share Their Birthday With Thanksgiving This Year

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Happy Thanksgiving to all you sports trivia lovers out there.

UltimateFunFacts.com would also like to wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to some of the bigger names in sports sharing their birthday with Thanksgiving this year:

Happy Birthday to the NFL’s Curtis Dickey, Ike Harris, Carwell Gardner, Adam Archuleta, A.J. Duhe, Martin Gramatica, Duriel Harris, Ken O’Brien, Nick Ferguson, Johnny Blood, Don Strock, Larry Allen, Jon Runyan, and Lee Johnson!

Also, Happy Birthday to the NBA’s Dean Garrett, Manny Leaks, Jim Price, Don Adams, Brendan Haywood, and Nick Van Exel!

We can’t forget Happy Birthdays to the NHL’s Chris Kotsopoulos, Pierre Mondou, Ken Schinkel, Chad Kilger, and Garry Valk!

And finally, Happy Birthday to Major League Baseball’s Ben McDonald, Cal Eldred, Bob Friend, Jose Lopez, Dave Hansen, Al Martin, Steve Yeager, Randy Velarde, Jim Northrup, Billy Rogell, George Burns, and Hall of Famer Joe Medwick!

Carolina Panthers Fun Facts – Infographic

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DeMarco Murray Dallas Cowboys Fun Fact Infographic

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Miami Dolphins Rookie Fun Facts – Infographic

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10 New England Patriots You May Not Remember

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We all know those favorite or longtime members of our favorite teams. Sometimes what happens in professional sports though is that a player starts his career with one team before making it big and becoming known for playing with another team. Other times, players finish their pro careers playing with a team they are not known for. The Patriots are no different here and sometimes it’s fun to take a look at some players you may not remember playing for them.

Vinny Testaverde

Vinny Testaverde had a long NFL career and due in large part to the fact that he had very few serious injuries, he ranks pretty highly in a number of career passing categories. He played in 2006 for the Patriots, completing a total of 2 of 3 passes for 29 yards and a touchdown.

Damon Huard

Damon Huard starred at the University of Washington before having a decent pro career at quarterback in the NFL, known mostly for his time with the Miami Dolphins. In 2003, he played one season with the Patriots, throwing an incompletion in his one and only pass attempt with the team.

Mark van Eeghen

Mark van Eeghen was a star running back for the rough and tumble Oakland Raiders teams of the 1970s. He finished his career playing with the Patriots in 1982 and 1983, rushing for a total of 744 yards and two touchdowns.

Marion Butts

Marion Butts came out of nowhere to be a big name running back for the Chargers in the early 1990s, named to the Pro Bowl in 1990 and 1991. In 1994, Butts played his one and only season for the Patriots, rushing for over 700 yards and scoring eight touchdowns.

Fred Taylor

For years and years, Fred Taylor was one of the best running backs in the league while playing for the Jaguars. Over the course of his career in Jacksonville he had seven 1,000 yards seasons and he gained over 11,000 rushing yards. He spent the 2009 and 2010 seasons in New England, where he rushed for a total of 424 yards and four touchdowns.

Larry Centers

Larry Centers was one of the best receiving fullbacks in the NFL during his career, being named to three Pro Bowls. After nine seasons with the Cardinals, two with the Redskins, and two with the Bills, he spent his last NFL season in 2003 with the Patriots, rushing for 82 yards while racking up 106 receiving yards.

Jamie Morris

Jamie Morris came into the NFL out of the University of Michigan as the little brother of Joe Morris who had gained fame with the Giants. After two seasons with the Redskins, he played his third and final NFL season with the Patriots in 1990 where he ran the ball two times and gained four yards.

Terry Allen

1999 saw Terry Allen come to the Patriots for one season. He had been very productive during his time with the Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins, including four 1,000 yard seasons. During his one season with the Patriots, he gained 896 yards on the ground. He played two more seasons in the NFL after that, one with the Saints and one with the Ravens.

Chuck Foreman

Chuck Foreman was another big name running back for the Vikings who ended his career with New England. He did it earlier though, starring in Minnesota during the 1970s before playing 1980, his last season in the NFL, with the Patriots. He gained 63 yards and scored one touchdown on the ground that year.

Henry Ellard

Henry Ellard was a Pro Bowl receiver who gained over 13,000 yards and went to three Pro Bowls during his career. He had seven 1,000 yard seasons, four with the Rams and three with the Redskins. He played part of the final season of his career with the Patriots, catching five passes for 86 yards.

NFL Defense Fun Facts – Infographic

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Jay Cutler Fun Fact – Infographic

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Aaron Rodgers Fun Fact – Infographic

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Green Bay Packers Fun Facts – Infographic

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