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Five Fun Facts About Giants Receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on September 25, 2017

There are few wide receivers in the National Football League who can be said to be as exciting as Odell Beckham Jr of the New York Giants. OBJ came into the league and quickly made a name for himself as one of Eli Manning’s most reliable receivers. He’s famous for his one handed catches and his distinctive hairstyle.

Here are five fun facts about Odell Beckham Jr.:

Nice Middle Name!

Odell Beckham Jr.’s given middle name is Cornelious.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s First College Touchdown

The first touchdown Odell Beckham Jr. scored at LSU came as a freshman on a 52 yard pass from Jarrett Lee.

100 Yard Games As A Rookie

As a rookie in 2014, Odell Beckham Jr. had seven 100 yard games. These came against the Colts, Seahawks, Cowboys, Titans, Redskins, Rams, and Eagles.

Odell Beckham Jr. Throws A Pass!

In a win over the Titans on December 7, 2014, Odell Beckham pulled up and attempted his first NFL pass. It was thrown deep to Rueben Randle but fell incomplete.

Look Out Dallas!

Four of the first five touchdown passes Odell Beckham Jr. caught in the NFL came in games against the Dallas Cowboys during his rookie season in 2014. He caught two in a loss to Dallas on October 19th and another two in a loss to the Cowboys on November 23rd.

Five Fun Facts About Seattle Seahawks Receiver Doug Baldwin

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on September 18, 2017

Doug Baldwin is one of the more important parts of a Seattle Seahawks team that the entire NFL has had to contend with. He runs crisp routes and has sure hands. He really is one of the better pass catchers in the league.

Here are five fun facts about Doug Baldwin of the Seahawks:

That First College Touchdown

The first touchdown Doug Baldwin would score in college at Stanford came in his sophomore season in a loss to Texas Christian University. Even though he played wide receiver, this first score came on a 38 yard handoff.

Doug Baldwin Gets Passed Over

In the 2011 NFL Draft, 28 wide receivers were selected. None of them were Doug Baldwin who was passed over by every team in the league. Some of the notable receivers drafted that year were A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Torrey Smith, Randall Cobb and Jeremy Kerley.

Doug Baldwin’s First Multi TD Game

The first time Doug Baldwin would score more than one touchdown in an NFL game came in the second to last game in 2012, a win over the 49ers. That day saw him catch four passes for 53 yards and two touchdowns.

He Made It Count!

In Super Bowl XLIX, a Seahawks loss to the Patriots, Doug Baldwin had only one pass thrown his way. He caught it for a gain of three yards and a touchdown.

Russell Wilson Was The Third

The first two NFL quarterbacks to throw touchdown passes to Doug Baldwin in the NFL were Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst.

Five Fun Facts About The Steelers Antonio Brown

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on September 11, 2017

Antonio Brown is one of the most exciting players in the National Football League. He’s a big part of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense too. It’s a real luxury for Ben Roethlisberger to be able to drop back and know that Brown is running down the sideline or across the middle.

Here are five fun facts about Antonio Brown:

All Those Roster Spots!

While at Miami Norland High School in Miami Gardens, Florida, Antonio Brown played running back, quarterback, wide receiver, and punt returner.

An All-American For What?

While playing college football for Central Michigan University, Antonio Brown was twice named an All-American as a punt returner.

Antonio Brown’s First Penalty

The first penalty ever called on Antonio Brown in the NFL came during his rookie season when he lined up offside on a free kick.

Scoring Three Ways

Antonio Brown’s first three NFL touchdowns were scored three different ways. First he scored on a kickoff return, then on a reception, and then on a punt return.

Fourth Quarter Star!

Of the first 50 touchdowns Antonio Brown would score in the NFL, more came in the fourth quarter, a total of 17, than in any other quarter of play.

Five Fun Facts About Thomas Rawls Of The Seattle Seahawks

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on September 4, 2017

Thomas Rawls was undrafted out of college when he came to the Seattle Seahawks in 2015 as a rookie. The team was set at running back with the popular and effective Marshawn Lynch leading the team. Rawls proved himself to a valuable addition though and made an impact with his teammates, the league, and the fans.

Here are five things you may not know about Thomas Rawls:

A Late College Change

Thomas Rawls played his freshman, sophomore, and junior college football seasons with the Michigan Wolverines. He transferred though and played his senior season at Central Michigan University.

What’s In A Number?

Thomas Rawls wears jersey number 34 for the Seattle Seahawks. Other players who have worn that number for the team include Reggie Brown, Brian Davis, Kevin Harmon, Franco Harris, Dion Lambert, Roy Lewis, Terry Miller, and Jim Walsh.

The Most Ever!

As a rookie in 2015, in a win over the 49ers, Thomas Rawls carried the ball 30 times for 209 yards and a touchdown. This was the most rushing yards in a game by a Seahawks rookie ever.

Room For Improvement

The first reception of Thomas Rawls’ NFL career went for a one yard loss.

Major Impact!

The first touchdown Thomas Rawls would score in the NFL came in the fifth game of his rookie season, in a 2015 Seahawks loss to the Bengals, when he took a 3rd quarter handoff from Russell Wilson and ran 69 yards for the score.

Five Fun Facts About 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Pick Leonard Fournette

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on April 27, 2017


Leonard Fournette was an all world running back for the LSU Tigers, and with the fourth pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars hope he’ll be exactly that for them as well.

Here are five fun facts about Leonard Fournette.

High School Pedigree

Leonard Fournette went to St. Augustine High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. Some famous names to go to that same high school include running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, running back Leroy Hoard, NBA player and coach Avery Johnson, wide receiver Alfred Jenkins, NBA player Kerry Kittles, and actor Carl Weathers, famous for playing Apollo Creed in the Rocky film series.

Five Times!

Leonard Fournette rushed for over 200 yards in a game five times. He did this against Mississippi, Syracuse, Eastern Michigan, Auburn, and Texas Tech.

LSU First Rounders

Prior to Leonard Fournette, six other LSU running backs had been drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft.

Steve Van Buren in 1944
Dub Jones in 1946
Earl Gros in 1962
Charles Alexander in 1979
Harvey Williams in 1991
Joseph Addai in 2006

The First And Only

In a 2016 LSU win over Mississippi State, Leonard Fournette threw the one and only pass attempt of his college football career. It fell incomplete.

40 / 1

Leonard Fournette scored 40 rushing touchdowns during his college football career. He also added one TD reception during his entire time in college football.

Five Fun Facts About 2017 Chicago Bears Draft Pick Mitchell Trubisky

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on


North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was taken with the 2nd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Chicago Bears. The Bears had to trade up to get him but they may have their quarterback of the future.

Here are five fun facts about quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

First College Game

Mitchell Trubisky’s first college football action saw him complete 10 of 16 passes for a touchdown and an interception when he came on in relief in an early season win over Liberty University.

Lucky Number 7!

Mitchell Trubisky was the 7th quarterback out of North Carolina to ever be selected in the NFL Draft. The first six: Jim Camp in 1948, Jack Cummings in 1960, Danny Talbott in 1967, Jeff Beaver in 1968, Chris Kupec in 1975, and T.J. Yates in 2011.

Most TDs

The most TD passes Mitchell Trubisky threw in one college football game was five in a 2016 win over the Pitt Panthers.

Big Games

During his college football career, Mitchell Trubisky threw for 300 or more yards six times. He threw for 400 or more yards in three games.

55 Twice

The most rushing yards Mitchell Trubisky ever had in one game in college was 55 yards. He did this twice. First against The Citadel in 2016 and then again he had the exact same total the very next game against North Carolina State.

Five Fun Facts About 2017 Cleveland Browns Draft Pick Myles Garrett

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on


The 2017 NFL Draft opened up with the Cleveland Cavaliers selecting Myles Garrett, defensive end out of Texas A&M, with the first pick in the first round. Here are five fun packs about this highly anticipated player!

Pitching Headquarters

Myles Garrett went to Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. This is the same high school that produced highly rated pitchers Todd Van Poppel and Ben Grieve.

Shared Birthday

Myles Garrett was born on December 29, 1995. Other NFL names who share his December 29th birthday include Keenan Allen, Alfred Blue, Dave Wilson, David Whitehurst, Gary Huff, Michael Booker, Herm Edwards, and Lee Roy Jordan.

The First Ever

The first quarterback Myles Garrett sacked in college football was Dylan Thompson of the South Carolina Gamecocks.

More Than Half!

Myles Garrett finished the 2016 season, his last in college football, with a total of 8.5 sacks. He got 4.5 of those in one game. A 23-10 win over the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Lucky Number 13

Myles Garrett was the 13th player out of Texas A&M ever to be drafted by the Cleveland Browns. He was also the third Texas A&M player taken by Cleveland in the first round. The other two: Quarterback Johnny Manziel in 2014 and linebacker Robert Jackson in 1977.

10 Fun Facts About Vikings Kicker Blair Walsh

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on January 11, 2016

Blair Walsh has been one of the better kickers in the NFL during his short career and has done a lot that both he and Vikings fans can be proud of.

Here is a look at 10 fun facts about the kicker of the Minnesota Vikings, Blair Walsh.

Big Time!

In high school, Blair Walsh twice made field goals from 59 yards away.


Coming out of high school, Blair Walsh was named All-USA First Team by USA Today and a top-5 kicker in the country by ESPN.com.

Everyone Needs A Nickname

While in college at the University of Georgia, Blair Walsh’s nickname was the “Athens Assassin”.

The History Of That Number

Blair Walsh wears jersey number 3 for the Minnesota Vikings. Other Vikings players who have worn that number over the years include Rhett Bomar, Jeff George, Rich Karlis, Eddie Murray, and Jan Stenerud.

What A Debut!

In rookie Blair Walsh’s very first game with the Vikings in 2012, a three point win over the Jaguars, he went four for four on field goal attempts, making three in the fourth quarter and then the game winner in overtime.


As a rookie in 2012, Blair Walsh made 10 field goals from 50 yards away or more.

Three Times?

Blair Walsh was named the NFL Special Teams Player of the Week three times during his rookie season in 2012, in weeks 1, 15, and 17.

Tough Guy!

In a 23-20 Vikings win over the Bears in 2013, not only did Blair Walsh win the game with a field goal in overtime, he was also credited with his first career NFL tackle. It happened on the last possession of the game, he kicked the ball off and it was returned by Devin Hester for 57 yards before he was tackled by Walsh, eventually sending the game into overtime.

Overtime Victims

The first four teams Blair Walsh would kick overtime field goals against for the win were the Jaguars, Packers, Bears, and Rams.

Two Left To Go

As of 2016, the only two NFL opponents Blair Walsh had not made field goals against were the Cincinnati Bengals and the New England Patriots.

Fun Facts: Heisman Trophy Winners in the Hall of Fame

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on December 25, 2015

Just a few days ago, we looked at Heisman Trophy winners who have made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Here are some fun facts related to those Heisman Trophy winners who proved they were indeed “all that” and went on to have Hall of Fame careers:

The Long Wait Is Over

No Heisman Trophy winner was inducted into the Hall of Fame for years until four were inducted in two years with Roger Staubach and O.J. Simpson making it in 1985 and Doak Walker and Paul Hornung making it in 1986.

7 Out Of 8

Seven out of the first eight Heisman Trophy winners to make it into the Hall of Fame were running backs. The only non-running back? Roger Staubach.

The Most Rushing Yards

The Heisman Trophy winner in the Hall of Fame with the most rushing yards is Barry Sanders with 15,269.

The Shortest Wait

The player who had the shortest wait between when he won the Heisman Trophy and when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was Earl Campbell at 14 years.

The Longest Wait

The player who waited the longest between winning the Heisman Trophy and making it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was Doak Walker at 38 years.

The Most Touchdowns

The Heisman Trophy winner in the Hall of Fame with the most touchdowns scored is Marcus Allen with 145.

Not Bad, Roger

With seven running backs and one quarterback on the list of Heisman Trophy winners in the Hall of Fame, it stands to reason that the player with the fewest rushing yards would be quarterback Roger Staubach. In truth, Staubach ended his career with 2,264 rushing yards, over 700 more than Doak Walker.

Eight Heisman Trophy Winners In The Hall Of Fame

Filed under: Football Fun Facts — by Mark on December 21, 2015

Dominating at the college and pro levels is something that very few people can pull off, especially at the most elite levels. The most outstanding player in college football in America wins the Heisman Trophy. A player who has an outstanding career, above and beyond even the great players, in the NFL is rewarded by getting voted into the Hall of Fame.

How many Heisman Trophy winners though have gone on to make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

The answer is: 8

Doak Walker
Won Heisman: 1948
Inducted Hall of Fame: 1986

Paul Hornung
Won Heisman: 1956
Inducted Hall of Fame: 1986

Roger Staubach
Won Heisman: 1963
Inducted Hall of Fame: 1985

O.J. Simpson
Won Heisman: 1968
Inducted Hall of Fame: 1985

Earl Campbell
Won Heisman: 1977
Inducted Hall of Fame: 1991

Tony Dorsett
Won Heisman: 1976
Inducted Hall of Fame: 1994

Marcus Allen
Won Heisman: 1981
Inducted Hall of Fame: 2003

Barry Sanders
Won Heisman: 1988
Inducted Hall of Fame: 2004

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