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Five Fun Facts About Broncos Head Coach John Fox

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on February 2, 2014

John Fox is a very well like coach in NFL circles. He has been successful at both the coordinator and head coach level. He got his start as a head coach in Carolina with the Panthers, where he stayed for nine seasons, including leading the team to the Super Bowl in 2003. 2011 saw John Fox take over as head coach of the Denver Broncos. Here are five fun facts about this great NFL head coach.

The First Win… The First Loss

John Fox’s first game as head coach of the Broncos was a 23-20 loss to the Raiders on September 12, 2011. He would get his first win with the team a week later when he led Denver to a 24-22 victory over the Bengals.

A Long Road

John Fox got his first opportunity as a head coach at any lefel with the Carolina Panthers in 2002. His coaching career started though back in 1978 as a graduate assistant at San Diego State University. He would also coach in the college level at Boise State, Long Beach State, Utah, Kansas, Iowa State, and Pitt.

His First Pro Job

John Fox’s first coaching job at the professional level came in 1985 when he was the defensive backs coach for the Los Angeles Express of the United States Football League (USFL).

How Many Before Him?

When John Fox was hired on January 13, 2011, he was the 14th head coach the Broncos had ever had.


Over the years, John Fox has worked on the staffs of six different NFL head coaches: Chuck Noll, Bobby Ross, Art Shell, Mike White, Rich Brooks, and Jim Fassel.

Five Fun Facts About Knowshon Moreno Of The Broncos!

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on January 31, 2014

Knowshon Moreno came out of college known as a very good running back and he has more than proven his worth in the NFL. He is a threat to break a long run whenever the ball is handed to him. He can fight for the tough yardage too when needed. And as far as catching the ball out of the backfield, he can do that too. Here is a look at five fun facts about Knowshon Moreno.

How Many Yards?

As a high school senior in New Jersey, Knowshon Moreno carried the ball 153 times for 1,629 yards and 28 touchdowns. That’s an average of 10.65 yards per carry!

Who Was The First?

The first player to tackle Knowshon Moreno in the NFL was Tank Johnson of the Bengals in 2009. It came on a five yard run in the first quarter of Denver win and was his first time carrying the ball in the NFL.

The Same Team?

Knowshon Moreno’s first 100 yard rushing game in the NFL came in a 49-29 Denver win over the Chiefs in 2010. His second career 100 yard game came just three weeks later and was also against the Chiefs, this time in a losing effort.

Just One… But A Good One

Knowshon Moreno only topped the 100 yard rushing mark once during the 2013 season that saw his Broncos make it to the Super Bowl. That happened in a November loss to the Patriots when he carried the ball 37 times for 224 yards, an average of 6.05 yards per carry.

Four Digits… At Last!

Knowshon Moreno had his first 1,000 yard rushing season in the NFL in 2013 when he ran for 1,038 yards on 241 attempts for a 4.3 yards per carry average. In the four previous seasons, the most yards he had in a season was the 947 he’d had as a rookie in 2009.

Five Fun Facts About Demaryius Thomas Of The Broncos

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on January 29, 2014

Demaryius Thomas has proven to have the speed and route running to be one of the better receivers in the league. He also has great hands too, allowing him to catch the short screen, the quick slant, and of course the deep bomb. Here is a look at five fun facts about this awesome wide receiver!

The Most Ever!

In a game against Duke in 2008, Georgia Tech wide receiver Demaryius Thomas caught nine passes for 230 yards. This was his best game in college and was the second most receiving yards in a single game in school history ever.

Two Smart Pass Catchers

Coming out in the 2010 NFL Draft, Demaryius Thomas had the second highest score on the pre-draft Wonderlic test given to all college players heading to the NFL. The only player to score higher than him on the test was future teammate Eric Decker.


Demaryius Thomas fumbled the ball three times as a rookie while catching 22 passes and returning 16 kickoffs. The next season in 2011, he wouldn’t fumble the ball at all.

His First Game Ever

Demaryius Thomas caught his very first TD pass in his very first NFL game. He and Kyle Orton teamed up for a 21 yard touchdown in that 2010 win over the Seahawks. He finished the game with eight catches for 97 yards which were both the most on the team that day.

The First Long One

When Demaryius Thomas hauled in an 80 yard touchdown pass in overtime of a playoff victory over the Steelers on January 8, 2012, it was the longest TD reception of his career and his first of 50 yards or more. It was thrown to him by Tim Tebow.

Five Fun Facts About Peyton Manning

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on January 27, 2014

Peyton Manning has had a long and successful career in the NFL. For years with the Indianapolis Colts, he was statistically one of the best quarterbacks the league had ever seen. Then after sitting out the 2011 season due to a neck injury, he seemed to pick up where he left off after joining the Denver Broncos. Here are five fun facts about this truly great quarterback.

A Spring Birthday

Peyton Manning was born on March 24, 1976. Other NFL players who share his March 24th birthday include Danny Trevathan, Renaldo Nehemiah, Mike Doss, Scott Brunner, Jeremy Cain, Aaron Brooks, Rolland Lawrence, Vaughan Johnson, Woody Bennett, Mike Vanderjagt, Max Runager, Mike Adams, and Larry Wilson.

His First Game Ever

In his first NFL game, a 24-15 Colts loss to the Dolphins, Peyton Manning completed 21 of 37 passes for 302 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions.

A Couple Of Rushing Touchdown Droughts

Peyton Manning scored nine rushing touchdowns between 1998 and 2002. He then failed to score a rushing touchdown during the 2003, 2004, and 2005 seasons. He then scored eight rushing touchdowns between 2006 and 2008, before not scoring another until 2013 with the Broncos.

The First With A New Team

The first touchdown pass Peyton Manning threw with the Denver Broncos came in Week 1 of the 2012 season in a win over the Steelers. It happened in the third quarter when he connected on a 71 yard TD pass to Demaryius Thomas.

The First To Pick Him Off

The first player to get an interception off of Peyton Manning after he became the quarterback of the Broncos was William Moore of the Falcons. He returned it to the one yard line and running back Michael Turner scored for Atlanta a few plays later.

Peyton Manning Touchdown Record Infographic!

Filed under: Sports Graphics — by Mark on January 20, 2014

Peyton Manning TD Passes 2013

Denver Broncos Fun Fact Graphic

Filed under: Sports Graphics — by Mark on January 2, 2014


5 Fun Facts About Wes Welker

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on December 15, 2013

Wes Welker was not highly touted coming out of college, but after a short time as an unappreciated return man, he got his chance to show what he could do in the NFL as a starting wide receiver. He put up big numbers in New England with Tom Brady and then got the opportunity to team up with Peyton Manning in Denver. Here is a look at five fun facts about this great player.

The Most In School History!

In the 2002 game against the Texas Longhorns, Texas Tech Red Raiders receiver Wes Welker set a then single game school record when he caught 14 passes.

He Did What?

In a 2004 Dolphins loss to the Patriots, receiver Wes Welker briefly filled in at kicker against his future team. He made one extra point in the 24-10 Miami loss. He also kicked a 29 yard field goal.

A Couple Pretty Big Names

The first four quarterbacks to throw touchdown passes to Wes Welker during his NFL career were Joey Harrington with Miami, Tom Brady and Matt Cassel with the Patriots, and Peyton Manning with the Broncos.

Three Against Them

Before coming to Denver to play for the Broncos, Wel Welker had scored three career touchdowns in games against his future team. The first had been a six yarder thrown to him by Matt Cassel in 2008, the second was an eight yarder by Tom Brady in 2009, and the last was another eight yarder from Brady in 2012.

100 Yard Games

Wel Welker had 28 100-yard games during his time playing for the Patriots. The most yards he had in a game with New England was the 217 he put up in a Patriots loss to Buffalo in 2011.

Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady Fun Fact Graphic

Filed under: Sports Graphics — by Mark on November 22, 2013

In preparation for the big game coming up Sunday night!


Peyton Manning 7 TD Game Animated GIF

Filed under: Animated Gifs — by Mark on September 8, 2013

It goes without saying that Peyton Manning had an incredible day a few nights ago against the Baltimore Ravens. He finished the game with 27 completions on 42 passes for 462 yards. He also threw an unbelievable seven touchdown passes… as can be seen below.

Peyton Manning 7 TD Pass Game

What a game it was!

5 Fun Facts About The Denver Broncos

Filed under: 5 Fun Facts — by Mark on July 12, 2013

The Denver Broncos hit the stage in 1960 as members of the brand new American Football League. All those years later and they have sure made some great memories for their fans. Here are five fun facts about this great team, the Denver Broncos.

Who Caught The First?

John Elway threw 300 touchdown passes during the regular season as a member of the Denver Broncos. The first one he ever threw came in the fourth quarter of a loss to the Eagles in 1983, it went for 33 yards and was caught by Rick Parros. This was the only TD pass Elway ever threw to Parros.

A Slow Start

It took the Broncos just three seasons to have their very first non-losing season. That 1962 AFL team put up a record of 7-7 but going .500 is not the same as having a winning record. The Broncos would not post their first winning season until 1973, their 14th year in football, when they went 7-5.

800+ Denver Broncos Trivia Facts!

Accuracy Matters

The first, and so far only, kicker the Denver Broncos ever had who would attempt at least 20 field goals in a season and make over 90% of them was Jason Elam in 2006. He made 27 of 29 that year for a 93.1% field goal percentage. Elam played 15 seasons with the Broncos and that 2006 season was his 14th with the team.

None Better

The 1997 Denver Broncos were the first in team history to lead the NFL in points scored. That team went 12-4, scored 472 points, gave up 287 points, and won the Super Bowl behind the running of Terrell Davis in 31-24 victory over the Packers.

Throw It To Me!

Rod Smith was a Pro Bowl quality receiver that played his entire 12 year NFL career with the Broncos. He caught 68 touchdown passes during his career there and they were thrown to him by seven different quarterbacks. 22 of them were thrown to him by Brian Griese, 19 by John Elway, 17 by Jake Plummer, Steve Beuerlein threw four to him, Gus Frerotte threw him three, Bubby Brister threw two his way, and Jay Cutler threw him the last touchdown reception of his career.

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